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Welcome to the Waste Wise Business resource page. Here you will find tools and information to help you increase profitability, productivity and reduce your environmental impact.

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Generic Improvement Opportunities

Generic Improvement Opportunities

To facilitate successful implementation of initiatives, this is a methodology proposed to ease the confusion often caused by the sheer range of options available to you. This combined with the financial and resource strain caused by commencing the process of implementing a sustainability program across a business, the options for improvement is proposed within the following document.  Actions are categorised in terms of:

  • Lowest cost – those options which are free or relatively cheap to implement; requiring behavioural change, education of staff or clients, and purchase and installation of appliances or tools costing generally less than $100.
  • Least operational change – requiring minor alterations to current operational regimes.
  • Best return on investment – options with the greatest and/or fastest financial outcome based on experience, calculations on rate of return.
  • Innovative solution – an option that is innovative, new, untried, ‘’out of left field’’ that the organisation may like to consider.

Self Audit

How to do a Self Audit

Quite often the thought of doing a self audit within your business can be a daunting prospect, this is due to the multitude of aspects that need to be considered.

This document clearly provides you with a template to guide you through what to review, how to do it and what to measure.

Energy Assumptions

Energy Assumptions for use in Energy Audits

When you are conducting an audit of any kind its crucial to understand the metrics to do so. This document is to be used alongside the ‘Self-Audit’ to assist you in completing accurate energy use within your business.

Conceptual Implementation Calendar

Conceptual Implementation Calendar

Once you have completed a self audit of your business your next task is to identify the priorities to implement the relevant changes.

This document is your guide to take you through how to do this along with a template to schedule what you have identified in a way that enables you to implement necessary changes step by step so you can ensure they are sustainable.

Environmental Policy Template

Environmental Policy Template

A key consideration for today’s business owners is to have your environmental policy in clear points.

This Environment Policy Template gives you defined recommendations that any business should factor into how they operate and for you to clearly communicate this to your customers and suppliers.

Use this template by making any adjustments that describe your commitments in line with your company mission and value statement and adding your branding and logo.