Reduce waste & costs

Be Waste Wise

The Waste Wise Business membership is an initiative founded by the Committee For Waste Reduction.

In business today we need the support to achieve our financial goals as well as factor in our footprint on the planet and our societal impact. We offer support to business to understand and reduce your business footprint whilst still achieving your financial goals.

The big question is where to begin and how can it benefit your business.

This is where the Waste Wise Business membership comes in. It has been developed to suit any size business from a solo owner/operator to corporate organisations, schools and government.

By joining you will be provided with the tools to identify your first action to implement and what it means to your business.  You will begin to measure the reduction in waste generated and impact on your bottom line.

Within this membership you will receive a self audit tool, environmental statement template, and access for multiple users to connect on one online platform with other local businesses and organisations. This will create the regions first dedicated network of socially and environmentally conscious businesses.

Join us to take the first step to a lasting future for our businesses, community and most importantly our planet that we can continue to thrive in.